Top 5 Must-Have Hunting Tactics

Did you know that you can improve your deer hunting by using the below tactics?

1. Scent cover

Being able to cover your scent when hunting is very crucial as a deer can smell a human from a mile away. Luckily, there are several ways of combating this.

First, you can bath with a soap with no scent every time you go hunting.

Secondly, you can use a scent/odor eliminator to spray your hunting stand and boots to limit the chances of the deer detecting you.

2. Decoys

Getting your deer into a perfect range when hunting can determine whether you get a kill or not.

One of the simplest ways to trick a deer is by using a lifelike decoy with features similar to those of a natural deer. Provided you have set up the decoy properly, you will get some deer visitors.

3. Attractants

This is another tactic you can use to improve your hunting success rate since there is all manner of deer attractants at your disposal.

In the market, you can get many deer attractants including deer feeders, deer urine, and deer feed among others.

Most of the time a deer will follow the trail of the attractants giving you an opportunity for an easy take-down.

4. Quick steps

A deer is very sensitive to predator noises as they walk. In our case, a hunter is no different because he or she will also try to walk like other predators.

To avoid spooking the deer, take quick steps for 10 to 20 yards and then stop and repeat again.

By keeping your footsteps as light as possible, the deer may mistake you for a squirrel or another animal.

5. When to Hunt

The optimal time for hunting a deer is either in the evening or early morning. In some cases, you can go hunting at any moment as the tactic may not work all the time, for example, during rut season.

For evening, ensure you are as close as possible to their feeding area.

For the morning, ensure you are as close as possible to the route they use to go for bedding.


You heard it! You should use a combination of the above tricks, tips, and skills in order to make your deer hunting more successful.


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