Hunting in Alaska

Hunting in Alaska

Hunting in Alaska

Alaska is a USA state located in the uttermost Northwest of The United States of America is famous for its diverse terrain ranging from mountains, forests, and open spaces. The destination is famous for hunting due to its abundance of World’s largest wildlife such as Caribou, Black Bear, Wolves, Brown Bear and the Alaska Moose. The Moose are the largest deer species in the world and the favourite in Alaska for Trophy hunting.

Hunting is legal in Alaska but for one to partake hunting, they have to obtain a hunting licence and a game tag. It is also important to follow the laws and regulations of hunting to ensure sustainability of the wildlife species. Hunters mostly use riffles, bows and large handguns as their favourite hunting weapon.

Hunting is usually common in specific areas such as Tongass National Forest, Alaska range, and Yukon River Valley. The common species for hunting apart from the moose are Caribou, Wolverine, Wolves, Dall sheep, and Interior Grizzly. Hunting of bears is rare.



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