Fishing Lures

Fishing Lures

Today, many people collect skillfully crafted antique fishing lures because they are not made with such high quality anymore.This is the common type used nowadays.

These lures can be referred to as bait as well. Along with those, people used to use something called a fish decoy. Some people still use it today, since it was a tool once it will always be in use. People lure fish with them so they can spear and eat the fish that swim by. They are especially useful in lakes and ponds.

These were commonly handcrafted from wood and can be worth hundreds today in good condition. They were normally painted to mimic the look of real fish and attached was something called a jig stick. The jig stick was basically a cross-section of two wooden sticks attached with a string to the decoy that was used to move the fish around as if it were alive.



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