Details About Turkey Hunting

Turkey Hunting requires a pleasure hunt permit and in addition a turkey permit. The
different types of licenses are Little Pleasure, Big Game, Protection
Inheritance, Athletes, Supersport, Junior Hunt, Alien Supersport and Alien
Hunt. There are certain fees for hunting in Turkey: $ 13.25 for residents
(limited), $ 78.25 for foreigners (limited), $ 10.25 for residents (unlimited),
and $ 75.25 for foreigners (limited). The residency is shaped by the state
laws. A person is only allowed a single turkey hunting license every year. The
basic age is 12 years. To obtain a permit, you should have a confirmation that
you have previously obtained a hunting permit. In case this is the first pass,
a mandatory Seeker course should be taken. This course lasts 10 hours. Seekers
who want to perform a chase should take an additional mandatory 8-hour course
on bow hunting.

The authorization should contain legal information. It is not transferable. There
is no right to hunt for the private property without the consent of the owner.
Licenses should be delivered upon request to a law enforcement officer or the
owner, resident or natural person responsible for the property (or its agent)
while on their property.



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